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    Crowd Psychology


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    Post  정지영1-2 Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:55 pm

    I think the group can influence the individuals. We can see the example in the class. Our class's atmosphere is very actively. The whole students make this class atmosphere, not the individual. We can also experience in class discussion. If many students support the one of the ideas, Other students ,who support the other idea, change their thinking. It means that the group can influence the individuals.

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    Crowd Psychology - Page 2 Empty Taking a responsibility

    Post  신다영 Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:26 pm

    I think in a group, people as a group influence more than individuals to action of groups of people. Once they belong to a group, they automatically take a responsibility to strive for the group. To a group member, opposing to main opinion or even saying different opinion of the group is felt nearly same with not performing group member's responsibility. At last, he or she will decide as the major people utter, to make group be the most effective and beneficial.
    Also, here are another kind of example ; more than 30 people ignored the situation that one woman was being killed by a murder. It finally shows people's will to take a responsibility gets lowered when surrounded by other people and being in a group. In this case people do not think they are 'belonging' to the group like the first case, but notice that other people are around themselves.
    In conclusion, when peopole feel like they are in one group they cannot decide by themselves because of the responsibility not to occur problem in the group, and even when they cannot feel responsibility to preserve group's working they will feel relieved that others to take action instead of themselves are around, so do not behave.

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    Post  전유림 Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:50 pm

    I think that groups of people usually influence the individual. Mostly, organizing group includes meaning of gathering people who have similar opinions about their interests or social issues. In that kind of group, people can exchange their opinions easily because they already have sympathy with each other. Otherwise if someone who has some different ideas participates in that group, it will be difficult for him/her to get along with others. As this reason most people tend to fallow majority opinion (not to be excluded). I think it is a result which is related to ‘Group pressure’. Because under ‘Group pressure’, people usually show tendency like to avoid coping with opposite side. Finally people cannot decide their own opinion under group pressure. So I think it is obvious that group influences the individual.

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    Post  조예진2-1 Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:45 am

    Even though a group of people has powerful influences in today’s society, I think that they are the individuals who truly make those influences. Group, fundamentally is made of individuals. Individual people with similar opinions gather and there they form a group. How would a group exist without individuals composing it? And therefore, you can say that the group’s action is a reflection of individuals’. It is invariable that group’s opinion had come from, and based on individuals’ in it, although some of individuals’ ideas must have been regulated inside. I mean that even if the group’s action is not the thought of its all members, however, it is still some individuals’ opinions of its own. Hence, you cannot tell social pressure as just ignoring one’s thoughts and following others’ as the idea pressing the person is also from individuals.
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    Post  최자영 2-3 Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:09 pm

    I think the group influences the individuals more. And I’m certain that ‘Group pressure’ must occur to most people if they hear this topic. I’m also one of them, so I thought about group pressure more deeply. When do I feel group pressure or not? Why do I feel group pressure? The answer was this. Group pressure is applied depending on my status and intimacy between group members.
    In my case, I’m really influenced by group when group members are strangers or the old such as seniors, teachers. Also, when there are a lot of responsibilities and danger depending on my opinion, I’m oppressed by group pressure. Otherwise, I feel less group pressure when I’m with family or the young such as freshmen, best friends.

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